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410[Gone] @ Rorschach Theatre

By Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig

Produced by Randy Baker, Jenny McConnell Frederick & Jonelle Walker
Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser
Set design by Debra Kim Sivigny
Lighting design by Katie McCreary
Sound design by Roc Lee
Costume design by Rhe’a Roland
Projection design by Kylos Brannon
Props design by Rachael Knoblauch

Featuring Linda Bard, Yasmin Tuazon, Sebastian Amoruso, Andrew Quilpa, & Jacob Yeh

Use All Available Doors (Publicity) @ Pinky Swear Productions

Use All Available Doors
By Brittany Alyse Willis
Directed by Toni Rae Salmi
Presented by Pinky Swear Productions

USE ALL AVAILABLE DOORS is different than any show I've done publicity shots for. It's a non-linear narrative in which dozens of characters are linked not so much by story as context: A single ride on the DC Metro's Red Line.

In this shoot, we sought to capture that sense of mystery and mutability: Each station—each exit and entrance—brings the promise of new possibilities. What new (or known) faces will you see? Who will they be when they get on? Who will you be once they've gone?

Waxing West @ 4615 Theatre Company

Waxing West
By Saviana Stanescu

Directed by Jordan Friend
Choreography by Paige Washington
Scenic design by Nathaniel Sharer
Lighting design by Kaitlin Tinsley

Featuring Alexandra Nicopoulos, Nahm Darr, Alani Kravitz, Charlie Cook, Jenna Rossman, Sue Struve, Jack Russ, Frank Mancino, Morgan Sendek, & Kiernan O'Brien

It's the Rest of the World that Looks So Small @ Flying V Theatre

It's the Rest of the World that Looks So Small: A Theatrical Revue of Jonathan Coulton

Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Coulton
Directed by Jason Schlafstein & Vaughn M. Irving
Musical Direction by Steve Przybylski & Jon Jon Johnson

Dance/Movement Choreography by Robert Bowen Smith & Jamie Doughty
Fight Choreography by Jonathan Ezra Rubin
Lighting design by Kristin A. Thompson
Props & Set Design by Rachael Knoblauch & Kat Fleshman
Costume Design by Sydney Moore
Puppet design by Philip da Costa

Featuring: Scott Abernethy, Kristin Cardinal, Tori Meyers, Gianna Rapp, Seth Rosenke, Carl Williams, & Ashley Zielinsky