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In Cabaret We Trust @ TBD Immersive

Presented at Blind Whino in DC as part of CulturalDC's Space4 program.

Artistic direction and created by Strother Gaines.
Improvisation direction by Dana Malone.
Written by Jenny Splitter and Jessica Bylander.
Circus and flow art by Peculiarity Productions (Fire Troupe).
Sideshow & variety entertainment by Atomic Doll Productions.
Lighting design by James Morrison of Artist Concept Group.

The Secret History of the Unknown World @ Flying V Theatre

Conceived & Directed by Jason Schlafstein and Jon Rubin
Fight Direction: Jon Rubin
Script: Jason Heat Schlafstein and Matt Bassett
Original Music: Navid Azeez and Mike Winch
Set Design: Joseph Musumeci
Lighting Design: Kristin A. Thompson
Sound Design: Neil McFadden
Costume Design: Sydney Moore
Props & Puppetry Design: Dre M Moore
Projection & Video Design: Paul Deziel
Special Effects: Andrew Berry

Featuring: Danny Cackley, Christina Day, James Finley, Timotheus German, Jon Jon Johnson, Michelle Polera, Megan Reichelt, Jason Tamborini, and Em Whitworth.

Witch @ Convergence Theatre

Directed by Elena Velasco
Dramaturgy: Olivia Haller
Set & Puppetry Designer: Joshua Rosenblum
Lighting & Projection Designer: Philip da Costa
Costume Designers: Kateri Kuhn and Ali Rocha

Featuring Chris Daileader, Darren Marquardt, Janani Ramachandran, Sharalys Silva, Stephanie Tomiko, and Annette Mooney Wasno

Beertown @ dog & pony dc

Directed by Rachel Grossman
Assistant Director Kala Granger
Designed by Colin K. Bills & Ivania Stack

Featuring: James Caverly, Joshua Drew, Eileen Earnest, Natasha Gallop, Amelia Hensley, DeJeanette Horne, Jon Reynolds, and Jacob Yeh