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Use All Available Doors (Publicity) @ Pinky Swear Productions

Use All Available Doors
By Brittany Alyse Willis
Directed by Toni Rae Salmi
Presented by Pinky Swear Productions

USE ALL AVAILABLE DOORS is different than any show I've done publicity shots for. It's a non-linear narrative in which dozens of characters are linked not so much by story as context: A single ride on the DC Metro's Red Line.

In this shoot, we sought to capture that sense of mystery and mutability: Each station—each exit and entrance—brings the promise of new possibilities. What new (or known) faces will you see? Who will they be when they get on? Who will you be once they've gone?

The Tarot Reading III

Presented at the Evening Star Cafe in Alexandria, VA

Produced by Head Summoners Quill Nebeker and Alan Katz.
All incantations are checked by Joan Cummins.
The Head Alchemist is Cody Whitfield.
The Diviner is Jon Jon Johnson.

Featuring B'Ellana Duquesne, Gwen Grastorf, Allyson Harkey, Jon Jon Johnson, Michael Moya AKA Cariño Valentine, Niusha Nawab, Joshua W. Kelley AKA Ms. Buffy Wylde, and Alan Katz.

In Cabaret We Trust @ TBD Immersive

Presented at Blind Whino in DC as part of CulturalDC's Space4 program.

Artistic direction and created by Strother Gaines.
Improvisation direction by Dana Malone.
Written by Jenny Splitter and Jessica Bylander.
Circus and flow art by Peculiarity Productions (Fire Troupe).
Sideshow & variety entertainment by Atomic Doll Productions.
Lighting design by James Morrison of Artist Concept Group.

Fox Cried @ Back Alley Theatre, February 2015

Fox Cried started as an Artistic Blind Date at the 2014 Source Festival, combining the talents, interests, and creative energies of a musician, a visual artist, and a theatre actor/director. The production pictured was a further exploration of the work began last summer, combining mythology, masks, mixed media, dance, and music to create a unique, unsettling experience.