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Truth & Beauty Bombs: A Softer World @ Rorschach Theatre

Every story and every world that Rorschach Theatre brings to the stage has an element of magic and mystery to it. There is always something to wonder at, something unexpected. And the look and feel of their productions is always persuasive, delicate, coherent, and beautiful.

Truth & Beauty Bombs is the first show I've shot for them, and the space they have created for it is no different: You don't know how you got there, you're not totally comfortable, but you never want to leave.

Truth & Beauty Bombs: A Softer World
Directed and conceived by Jenny McConnell Frederick
Written by Randy Baker, Norman Allen, Heather McDonald, Shawn Northrip, and Alexandra Petri
Based on the web series A Softer World by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau