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It's the Rest of the World that Looks So Small @ Flying V Theatre

It's the Rest of the World that Looks So Small: A Theatrical Revue of Jonathan Coulton

Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Coulton
Directed by Jason Schlafstein & Vaughn M. Irving
Musical Direction by Steve Przybylski & Jon Jon Johnson

Dance/Movement Choreography by Robert Bowen Smith & Jamie Doughty
Fight Choreography by Jonathan Ezra Rubin
Lighting design by Kristin A. Thompson
Props & Set Design by Rachael Knoblauch & Kat Fleshman
Costume Design by Sydney Moore
Puppet design by Philip da Costa

Featuring: Scott Abernethy, Kristin Cardinal, Tori Meyers, Gianna Rapp, Seth Rosenke, Carl Williams, & Ashley Zielinsky