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Welders – Happiness


Two months ago, Bob Bartlett, one of the Welders, posted a teaser about his upcoming show: Happiness (and other reasons to die). I immediately sent him the picture above, which I took three years ago, and we were both a little astounded.

I've posted about the Welders before: How they are a group I love to collaborate with because our creative sensibilities meld so well and lead to the creation of interesting, engaging work. Well, in this case, our sensibilities not only were a spot on match, but also, I created my part of the work long before they needed it, in fact, before the play and even the theatre company existed.

So now this picture is a part of Bob's promotion of the show going forward, and I couldn't be happier with this creative partnership that keeps growing, even backwards in time.

Previews start tonight, and you can get tickets for the show here!