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Use All Available Doors (Publicity) @ Pinky Swear Productions

Use All Available Doors
By Brittany Alyse Willis
Directed by Toni Rae Salmi
Presented by Pinky Swear Productions

USE ALL AVAILABLE DOORS is different than any show I've done publicity shots for. It's a non-linear narrative in which dozens of characters are linked not so much by story as context: A single ride on the DC Metro's Red Line.

In this shoot, we sought to capture that sense of mystery and mutability: Each station—each exit and entrance—brings the promise of new possibilities. What new (or known) faces will you see? Who will they be when they get on? Who will you be once they've gone?

Welders – Happiness


Two months ago, Bob Bartlett, one of the Welders, posted a teaser about his upcoming show: Happiness (and other reasons to die). I immediately sent him the picture above, which I took three years ago, and we were both a little astounded.

I've posted about the Welders before: How they are a group I love to collaborate with because our creative sensibilities meld so well and lead to the creation of interesting, engaging work. Well, in this case, our sensibilities not only were a spot on match, but also, I created my part of the work long before they needed it, in fact, before the play and even the theatre company existed.

So now this picture is a part of Bob's promotion of the show going forward, and I couldn't be happier with this creative partnership that keeps growing, even backwards in time.

Previews start tonight, and you can get tickets for the show here!